ThinkWp is a project since November 2015 by Deborah Donnier and Emilie LEBRUN .
Now it’s a project just about the French community but the goal is to be able then , based on the first documentary , conduct interviews on the international community.



Hers added value ? It combines his passions to his professionalism, to make a recipe for success !

This union between communication and web journalism, allowed him to communicate in a unique way within the WordPress community.

Entrepreneur at heart, Deborah leverages its experience since 2009 , creating his DDesign company , Web & Communication, and in parallel Prevention Health: Web Radio / TV gathering interviews and reports about health.




Entrepreneur and workaholic, I am the founder end CEO of  Whodunit agency and build websites since the late 90s. I founded my first company in 2001 and exercised 6 years as a freelance art director for advertisers and advertising agencies : Canal +, CanalSat, Euro RSCG 4D, Publicis Consultants, Proximity BBDO, Ogilvy One, …


Member of the organizing team, speaker, she actively participates in events of the WordPress community in France and abroad.